Residence Life Room and Board Rates

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Residence Life Room and Board Rates

Residence Halls - Spring 2017

All Residence Hall rates are per semester.

Suite/Neighborhood Style
(Weaver, Elm, Maple)

Double $3,474
Single $4,012
Triple $2,779

Traditional Style
(Aspen, Morgan, Thomas, Bradford, Randall)

Double $2,842
Single $3,534
Triple $2,842

Meal Plans - Spring 2017

All Meal Plan rates are per semester.

Marble(Unlimited Meals plus $100 Munch Money)- $2,676
Marble Plus(Unlimited Meals plus $250 Munch Money)-$2,826
Quartz (14 meals per week plus $200 Munch Money)-$2,612
Quartz Plus(14 meals per week plus $350 Munch Money)- $2,762
Granite (10 meals per week at Mines Market & $250 Munch Money)- $2,454

Summer Semester - Summer 2017

Summer Semester prices are per week.

Elm Hall

Double Room - Summer Housing Website
Single Room - Summer Housing Website

Apartments at Mines Park 

All apartment rates are per month per unit. Residents are responsible for their Xcel Utilties in addition to the below rates. 
Rates below include laundry, internent, TV streaming services(Philo, HBOGo, & MaxGo), water, and trash. 

Family Housing

1 bedroom $968
2 bedroom $1,060

Single Student

1 bedroom $968
2 bedroom $1,272
3 bedroom $1,743

Anticipated Rates 2017-2018 

The rates will be officially approved in May 2017.  These rates are for the academic year (both semesters).

Suite Style (Maple, Weaver, Elm)

Double $6,632
Single $8,230

Standard Style (Aspen, Traditionals)

Double $6,632
Single $8,230



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